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Name: Akaihane/ShemAril
Concept: Half-phoenix wanderer

Muscles: 6 (-2)
Agility: 15 (+2)
Brains: 12 (+1)
Spirit: 16 (+3)
Appeal: 10 (+0)

Sum: 20 PP

HP: 36
SP: 64
Reaction: 14
Physical damage: 4
Special damage: 9
Armor: 0

	Sword 15 (10)
	Concentration 16 (12)
	Leadership 10 (3)
	Use power 14 (8)

Spell casting (different energy blasts, fire elemental) 
(rating: 3 Cp: 4,5)
	SekiEn: 25 HP damage
	Hi no Tori: 25 HP damage
	ShinKa: 25 HP damage on all kinds of undead 
	creatures only
	H˘En: 15 HP damage + 10 SP damage
	Soulwing: 25 SP damage

	Killing blast (soul/fire based) (1 Cp)
	Hane no Arashi: 25 HP kill damage to all 
	creatures with a soul
	Aku Soku Zan: 25 HP kill damage on demons or 
	purely evil creatures

	Shield (force field, fire elemental) (rating:1 Cp: 1,5)
	Kik˘tei: 5 HP, 1 Armor

	Shapeshift to Phoenix (3 Cp)
	Flight (Phoenix shape only) (2 Cp)
	Telepathy (2 Cp)

	Spirit sword, fire elemental (3)

	Animal companion (-1)
	Artifact (-2)
	"Immortality" (-2)

	Phobia (+1)
	Can't swim (+1)
	Short (+1)
	Flashbacks (+2)

Sum: 50 CP


Human form: Akai is 23 years old, but looks 
younger and acts older. He have thick, red, kind 
of messed up hair down to his shoulders. He have 
dark green eyes and his ears are pointy like the 
ones of an elf. His cheeks are freckled, wich tend 
to make him look cute and harmless even when he is 
mad. The fact that he is very short, only 5' 2'', 
doesn't make things better. He always wears a white 
kimono with red lining and belt. The kimono is a 
bit too big for him and very old and worn out, but 
it's the only clothing he owns. Akai is lightly 
built due to his bird nature, almost even skinny. 
He relies on speed and mental power over physical 

Phoenix form: Akai can shapeshift into a phoenix 
bird at will. His general apparence as a phoenix 
can be described as a small and slender peacock 
or a pheasant with long neck. His plummage is 
mainly red and somewhat golden, but also green and 
yellow on the tailfeathers. On his head, he have a 
crest wich can be rosen when he is upset. His eyes 
are green, but might turn black if he is really mad. 
In his phoenix shape he is 1' 3'' in body and his 
total legth including tailfeathers is 3' 1''. The 
wings are long, slender and pointed, rather like a 
falcon's or a swift's than those of a peacock and 
have a spann of 3' 6''. 

The fullblood phoenix bird that follows him 
everywhere, Walim, is a young fledgling female 
phoenix of the Auri tribe that Akai once saved 
when he found her injured. The Auri tribe chose 
Akai to be her guardian, so he protects her, and 
she won't participate in any battles that might 
occur. She does have the power of resurrection 
though, even if it's rarely used and not fully 

Akai's past is very tragic. His father, a human 
warrior, died in battle before Akai was born. His 
mother, a human - phoenix halfbreed (75%-25%) gave 
him the name ShemAril at birth. She raised him 
alone, but when Akai was three years old, during 
the war, she was captured and taken away and is 
presumed dead. Since Akai's mothers ancectors 
where from the Li tribe, he was raised there as an 
orphan. He was trained in swordmanship and sorcery 
by the tribe's elders. At the age of 14 he left the 
tribe 'to find his happiness' with the secret hope 
of finding his mother somewhere. After three years 
of wandering around the country, he found love. She 
was a phoenix - elf halfbreed (50/50) named 
SalwiThalil. Even though her mother was a fire 
phoenix, her wings and hair had turned a icy 
white-blue color due to her elf-father. The love 
between Shem and Salwi was true and intense, but 
after barely a year, the war erupted once again. 
Shem and Salwi fought side by side, but Salwi was 
killed and Shem was captured and trapped by the 
enemy in his phoenix form until the end of the war, 
eleven months later. (I have more details on this, 
but I can't possibly write them all down.) When he 
was finally released from the spell, he lost control 
and killed lots of creatures blindly to avenge 
Salwi's death. When he came to his senses, he woved 
to live rest of his life helping others to repay for 
his sins. He took the name Akaihane and since then 
he has been a peaceful, but tragical wanderer.

Akai is a very polite person who respects all creatures. 
He is calm and collected and the only thing that really 
makes him mad, is if someone tries to harm innocent 
beeings. Constantly is he haunted by Salwi's memory and 
a deep feeling of guilt for what he has done in his 
past. He feels that he has no right to even be liked by 
an other creature and threrefor acts very humble, but 
sometimes he might even appear pathetic. He also believes 
it is for the best that no one loves him, and he is 
convinced he lost the abitity to feel love when Salwi 
died. When someone express their love for him, he will 
act really awkward, cause he is scared of hurting the 
person in question. If he gets exposed to the more chibi 
hysterical kind of love/friendship he might act clueless 
or just smile gently. He might be overprotective of 
those he care for, and rather puts himself in danger 
than anyone else. He rarely shows his feelings or even 
lets anyone know if he is wounded, cause he thinks it's 
nothing to bother them with. Furthermore, he fears to 
lose control of his actions again if he gets too upset, 
so he stays out of battle if possible.

Akai has two phobias caused by his phoenix nature that 
keeps embarrasing him; he really dislikes dragons and 
water. If his life depends on it, he can sucessfully 
ignore theese phobias, but they are natural fears to 
any phoenix bird.

Walim's personality: First of all, she can't speak the 
human language, so she can only communicate with Akai. 
She is still very young, may look cute, but can have a 
'bitchy' temper. She is totally loyal to Akai - she 
adores him - and can be extremely yealous towards anyone 
who might want to steal his attention.

Owns nothing except for his clothes and the Suzaku Ken, 
his spirit sword.

What keeps him going is what Salwi told him in her moment 
of death, that her last wish was for Akai to live on. His 
goal in life is to repay for his past by helping those 
who need it, and never make anyone sad again.