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Kannukei Hiromoto (Hiromoto Kannukei)

Appearance: A 17-year-old, who stands around 5'11". He is normally wearing his normal school clothes(a Blue long sleeved shirt with buttons up the middle, and matching blue pants), a white muscle shirt with blue jeans, a T-shirt under a open button-up shirt and baggy jeans, or just a random set of a shirt and pants. (male clothing) He has brown eyes and black hair. He is obviously from Japanese descent.

Background: Kannukei Hiromoto is the son of Tatsushiro and Sakuyuri Hiromoto. since he was 6 years old Kannukei has trained under his grandfather in both swordsmanship and of an old family martial arts style. At his High School he gets good grades, but he claims not to be that smart. One day, when he was about 16 years old, he found two strangly dressed soldiers attacking an 8 year old girl and saved her from them, then later found her parents but was unable to save them from the other soldiers in the house. He is often haunted with the image of the girl's parents being killed infront of him, unable to help them. The little girl's name was Setsuna and she lives with Kannukei and his family now, and she is like Kannukei's little sister he never had.

Personality: Kannukei is a calm person and is sort of modest about his abilities. He is always intent on defeating opponents and will never give up in an iportant fight. Kannukei doesn't like seeing good people die.

Goals: Kannukei just wants to live a happy and peaceful life with his family.

Possessions: The magical katana given to him by his grandfather, his grandpa won't tell him what it does or anything about it, and whenever Kannukei asks his grandpa says "You will find out when the time is right." the katana seems to be just a handle though...

Name: Kannukei Hiromoto (Hiromoto Kannukei)
Player: Heero and
Concept: Modern Samurai/Martial Artist Highschool Student
XP: 0
Current: 21
Total: 21

Muscles: 12 (+1)
Agility: 14 (+2)
Brains: 12 (+1)
Spirit: 14 (+2)
Appeal: 12 (+1)

HP: 72
SP: 56
P. Damage: 7
S. Damage: 8
Reaction: 13 (+1)

Animal Handling: 12
Athletics: 13
Concentration: 18
Dodge: 12
Drive: 10
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 13
Melee Weapons: 14
Perception: 12
Survival: 10
Tracking: 12

Transformation (-2)
Energy Blast (4)
Doomsday effect (-1)
2nd Tranformation (-2)

Artifact (Special)

Wierdness Magnet
Babe Magnet

Magic Katana(handle)