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Anime Role Play

Chapter Four:

Most characters aren't like normal people. Maybe they're super strong or can generate energy blasts? In FARPS, all supernatural powers- be they comic book style super powers, magic, psionics, or something else altogether. The nature and effects of all powers are ultimately left up to the player. If they pick Energy Blast for instance, it can be a lightning bolt, a telekinetic Blast, a fireball, or whatever as long as it remains true to their character concept. GMs should feel free to disallow players from picking up powers that are totally unnecessary for their intended character. For instance, what would a mecha thrashing school girl need telepathy for?

Many powers require the expenditure of Spirit Points (SP) to activate them. Thus each power is listed with two costs: CP cost and SP cost. CP cost is how many Character Points the player must spend from his initial supply of 30 points in order to get the power. This is often listed as "R x #". The R stands for the rating. Higher the rating, the stronger the power. SP cost is how many spirit points they have to spend to activate the power. Some power costs will be listed with a slash mark (\). The number on the left side is the "activation Cost" to turn the power on while the right side number is the "Maintance Cost" which must be spended each round to keep the power on.


Power chart
Power Modifiers
Magic and Psionics

CP Cost: R x 1
SP Cost: N\A

The character's skin is naturally tough or perhaps the character can turns his skin into a different type of material (say like the way the demon turns his skin to stone in Ninja Scroll). As a result, they gain an armor bonus equal to the power rating times two. A high rating (3+) would mean the character's skin might be metalic or an otherwise extremely hard material.

Change Shape (version 1)
CP cost: 2
SP Cost: 3\2

Through this power, the user can change their physical appearance. It will not, however, allow the character to change the substance of their body or turn into something non-human (say, a normal human turning into a fire breathing dragon). This is handy for someone trying to disquise themselves as someone else giving a +2 bonus to a appeal+acting roll. The bonus is _not_ accumulative if the character has Illusions (minor) as well. Their height and weight can also be changed (up or down), but only by 10%. The process of changing shape requires a full round to perform the transformation.

Change Shape (version 2)
CP Cost: 4
SP Cost: 5\3

In this version, the chraracter can not only change his physical appearance as according to the version 1 Change shape but can change the substance of their body. This would allow character to do a large number of things including blending in with a wall or object to hide (-2 to the searcher's brains + perception roll), changing your arms or legs into a weapon (damage equivelant to 1\2 the intended weapon), or increase\decrease physical attributes. If the power is used for the last option, then the most the character can increase a stat is by two points. In addition, the character must take an equal penalty to another stat. For instance let's say character X has a strength 6, agility 8, and stamina 6. He wants to temporarily increase his Stamina by two points so he takes a minus two penalty to his agility so now he has a strength 6, agility 6, and stamina 8. If stamina is increased, armor is increased by the same amount. The character may also change their mass, but may only modify it by 50%. So a 6' guy could change himself to a 9' guy.

Change Shape (version 3)
Cp Cost: 6
SP Cost: 7\4

The ultimate version of change shape, the character can (on top of what version 1 and 2 offered) change into absolutely anything of an unlimited mass- from a cockroach to a 20' version of himself. They may change their attributes by as many four points, but like version 2 the character must take an equal penalty. Despite how big or little the character gets, there is no statistical effect aside from how they can change their attributes. They could change into godzilla, but they would still have their normal HP and stats (although they'd have godzilla's teeth and claws). This power also cannot be used to transform into purely mechanical objects.

Comet Rush
CP cost: 4
SP Cost: 5\3

An improved version of the flight skill, the Comet rush allows a character to move at mach speeds. They can fly 5 times their agility in combat and may fly around the planet in a matter of minutes outside of combat. During its use, the character is surround by flaming aura (the color is of the player's choosing- yellow or a light blue being the more common colors) that makes them look like a comet.

CP Cost: R x 1
SP Cost: R x 1.5

Despite the name, the character is capable of performing an attack that renders the victim temporarily blinded. How the character character accomplishes this is up them. Popular examples of this type of power in action include Sailor Mercury's Mercury Bubble Splash (Sailor Moon) and Tien's Solar Flare (Dragonball Z). All darkness powers have a radius of about 5 meters reguardless of the use of the area effect modifier

Energy Blast
CP Cost: R x 1.5
SP Cost: R x 2

The character is capable of focusing a form of energy into a blast of power. This power can include such standbyes as Lightning bolts, fireballs, chi blasts, telekinetic blasts, and so on. The damage done by the attack is equal to the rating of the power times three plus the character's spirit ((rx3) + WP). The character should define the effect and nature of the energy blast when they pick it.

Example: Ichiro, our favorite Chi-blasting martial arts high school student from the anime RPG setting Battlemaster High, has a spirit of 14 and a level 3 energy blast. 14 divided by 2 plus one comes out to a 7 as the base damage while the rank of of energy blast increases the damage to a whopping 28 points.

Special Energy Blast Modifiers:

Doomsday Effect (special): Recommended for very powerful energy blasts (level 3+). The energy blast has the damndest habit of blowing up a large amout of real estate when used. The higher the cost cut, the bigger the area it blows up. Despite the size, it only damages one target (or multiple targets if combined with another modifier).

-1   10 m\y radius
-2   1 km\mile radius (small town)
-3   2 km\mile radius (modest sized city)
-4   4 km\mile radius (megaopolis)

Killing Blast (1): In normal animeter games, all energy blasts do stun damage. By buying this modifier, the blast does killing damage. In a low animeter game, all energy blasts automatically do killing damage so this modifier is mainly for normal games only.

Shockwave Effect (1 CP\2 m\y radius): With this modifier, the character is the center of his energy blast which explodes outward like a bomb. For each CP put toward the modifier, the range of the blast is increased by 2 meter\yards.

CP Cost: 2
SP Cost: 3\2

The character is capable of flying in any direction- up, down, forward, backwards, and so on. The exact distance the character can travel in one round is equal to their agility x 3.

Force Field
CP Cost: r x 1.5
SP Cost: (R x 3)/(rating x 2)

Through this power, the character can generate a protective force field that will shield than from attacks by absorbing the damage. The exact amount the forcefield can absorb is 5 times the power's rating and it has an armor rating equal to the power's rating. A level 5 forcefield for instance would have 25 HP and an armor of 5. If the force field is depleted to zero, the character will take the leftover damage of the attack and must spend a round re-activating the force field. Activating the force field takes a full round to activate and it regains a number of HP each round equal to the force field's rating.

Illusions (minor)
CP Cost: 2 SP Cost: 3\0

The character can creat minor illusions which mostly include small illusions. In other words, the character can change his appearance into something else. For instance, remember (?) from El Hazard? The sexy phantom tribe assassin who tried to kill Makoto at the springs by creating the illusion that she was a buxom blonde offering an apple that was instead a Knife? That's a perfect example of the power's capabilities. Seeing through the illusion is possible but requires a successful Perception + notice test. Normally, the illusion will fool most people under normal circumstances. Gamemasters are recommended to let players try to see past the illusion if the character using the power does something that would make them suspicious of the user.

This power can also be very effective when combined with the disguise skill. If the user wants to, they can mimic a person's voice as well as their appearance. In game rules, this gives the character a +2 bonus to a intelligence+disguise roll. If the successful, then the character can mimic the person they want to become properly. This power cannot be used to mimic something larger or smaller than the character's normal state of being.

Illusions (Major)
CP Cost: 4
SP Cost: 5\2

This power is a stronger version of the illusion power. Through it the character can produce large elaborate illusionary worlds around its victims. In anime, this effect has been used any number of times in Sailor Moon (first series) by various Negaverse monsters. The illusionary world can be of anything the user wants or desires. This makes can make it hard for normal characters to see through the illusion. If combined with the mind control power (a feat that _only_ NPCs should ever be capable of), the difficulty for the mind control test (spirit + use Psychic Powers) should result in a 2 point bonus.

The Illusions (major) power can also be used to imitate things larger or smaller than the user. This has its ups and downs, as the user's true shape doesn't actually change. The illusion also cannot inflict damage. For instance a character who turns into a dragon that smacks a person will not do anything but shatter the illusion.

Mind Control
CP Cost: 6
SP Cost: 5\2

This is another somewhat questionable power to allow much like the illusion powers. If the GMs feel that it may cause problems with game balance, I recommend pulling it then. It is somewhat more of a villain's power anyhow. No player should ever be able to buy both Illusions (major) and Mind Control, ever.

As the name might suggest, this power allows its user to take control of another person's mind for a limited amount of time. The procedure for this is ultimately the character's choice such as some well told lies. While under the controlled person's power, the victim will do whatever the user says. In order to succeed at a opposed dice roll- the user's appeal + Persuasion versus the victim's spirit + Concentration. If the user is successful, they can give the victim simple commands to do ("Go kill Kenny") and the victim will do it as long as they can make a successful dice roll. They will not do anything that will cause harm to themselves (although a clever use of illusions (major) could make them thing that cliff over there was a pond). Also if the character commands the victim to someone whom they have strong feeling for (such as a girlfriend), the victim will have a chance to resist the user's control (spirit + concentration test, +2 bonus if the connection is extremely strong such as a lover or family member).

There are also other methods of breaking the control. For instance, attacking the user of the power is one way. Using this power takes alot of willpower and requires their whole attention to maintain control. If they get hurt, then the control is lost.

CP Cost: r x 1
SP Cost: 0

Through this power, a character can regenerate hit points each round. The exact of damage healed is equal to the rating of the power times three (rx3). Under normal circumstances, the character can heal just about any kind of damage. If you feel like making the characters sweat a little, damage done by acid cannot be regenerated (such wounds have to be healed naturally).

CP Cost: 4
SP Cost: 0

The character has built up a special resistance to a specific form of damage or power. When struck with that type of damage\power, the character only takes one\half damage or increases the character's ability to resist the power by 2 points. Some possible damage types include fire\heat, poison, sharp weapons, blunt weapons, magic*, psionics*, and ice\extreme cold.

* Magic and psionic resistances could be cut up into different areas such as mind related effects or attack magic.

Sense Illusions
CP Cost: 2
SP Cost: 0

This neat (but rare) power allows characters to see through any form of illusion. If villains are going to be using illusions frequently, It might be a good idea not to let the player armed with this power to take any other powers.

Shadow Meld
CP Cost: 2
SP Cost: -

Sometimes used by anime ninjas, a character with this power becomes almost invisible if they have an ample amount of shadows to duck into. The exact bonus should depend on the situation, but some example are listed below. In addition to its obvious use in stealth, it can also be use to make sneak attacks on an opponent. In these cases, the bonuses are halved (round down decimals).

Shadows                    Bonus
Pitch black                Automatic
Moonlight, faint light     +4
post-dusk, candle light    +2
Dusk\dawn                  +1

Super Fast
CP Cost: r x 2
SP Cost: 0

Thanks to something (martial arts training, cybernetics, alien powers, magic, psionics, latent super power, a chemical accident, and everything in-between), the character is capable of moving at speeds that are beyond normal human capabilities. Normally, a character can walk a number of meters equal to his agility stat and run in meters\yards equal to their agility times two. For each level of super fast, the multiplier\divisor is increased by one (at level 1 super fast, the character can walk a number of meters equal to their agility). Each point of Super Fast also increases the character's reaction stat modifier by one point due to their speed.

Super Jump
CP Cost: R
SP Cost: 1

The character through has trained themselfes in ways to jump higher than most humans are supposed to be able to leap. Normally, a character can jump up a number of meters equal to his agility divided by 2. For each level in the power, the divisor decreases by one point to zero with s. jump level 1 before it becomes a multiple at level 2 or agility x 2.

Super Strength
CP Cost: r x 2
SP Cost: NA

Thanks to something (martial arts training, cybernetics, alien powers, magic, psionics, latent super power, a chemical accident, and everything in-between), the character is capable of lifting things far more heavier than what most normal human can do. For each point in Super Strength, the character is capable of lifting an additional 500 pounds of weight on top of their normal lifting ability. With a super strength rating of 5 and a Muscles rating of 20, they could easily lift three tons! For each point in Super strength, the character also does an extra 2 points of damage in any form of physical combat.

Super Tough
CP Cost: r x 2
SP Cost: NA

Thanks to something (martial arts training, cybernetics, alien powers, magic, psionics, latent super power, a chemical accident, and everything in-between), the character is capable withstanding more damage than any mere mortal. For each point in this power's rating, the character's HP\Stamina multiple is increased by one point. For instance, a guy with a Super tough of 5 would get 11 times their stamina in HP.

CP Cost: r x 1
SP Cost: R x 2\R

The user of this power is capable of picking up things by using his mind. The amount lift is the same as if the character's spirit attribute was his strength. The character may also try to lift more than he would normally be able to lift, but would require a successful spirit+user power roll.

Strength        Modifier
+ 1 higher      -1
+ 2 higher      -2
+ 3 higher      -3
+ 4 higher      -4
+ 5 higher      -5
+ 6 higher      -6

CP Cost: 2
SP Cost: 3\1

The user of this power has the ability to talk to people through using their mind over distances normally not possible. When the connection is made, the two characters are capable of speaking without talking out loud. Use of this power requires use of the spirit + use power skill. The larger the distance between the recipient and the user, the harder it will be to establish the link.

Distance             Modifier
Line of sight        +2
up to 100m           +0
100m to 1km          -2
1km to 10km          -4
10 km to 100km       -6
100km or offplanet   -8

Feet vs. meters. If you prefer yards to meters, each meter equals one yard and one kilometer equals one mile. Sure, it's not an exact conversion but since when has anything in this RPG been accurate?

CP Cost: 6
SP Cost: 8

The character teleport from one place to another instantly in one round (10 seconds). This means it can used to travel over long distances instantly. Like Telepathy, Teleport requires the use of a spirit + use power roll with the same difficulty modifiers as telepathy. So a character who wants to hop 50 km (or miles) they would have a -6 modifier to their roll.

Power list

PowerCP CostSP CostEffect
ArmorRx1-R x 2 armor bonus
Change Shape (1)23\2Change appearance
Change Shape (2)45\3Change body
Change Shape (3)67\4Turn into different things
Comet Rush45\2Can fly extremely fast
DarknesssRx1Rx1.5Can cause temp. blindness
Energy BlastRx1.5Rx2Inflict damage
Flight22\1Can fly
Force FieldRx1.5Rx2\RCan make barriers
Illusions (minor)23\0Can make illusions
Illusions (Major)45\2Can make illusions
Mind Control65\2Make people do what you say
RegenerationRx1-Slowly regain HP
ResistanceRx1-1\2 damage
Sense Illusions2-Can see past Illusions
Shadow Meld2-Hide in shadows
Super FastRx2-Increases running speed
Super JumpRx1-Increase jumping ability
Super StrengthRx2-Increases lifting ability
Super ToughRx2-Increases HP
Telekinesis2Rx2\RCan pick things mentally
Telepathy23\1Can talk with your mind
Teleport48Go from point A to point B

Power Modifiers (optional)

If gamemasters desire, they may allow players to take power modifiers that enhance or restrict the powers the character has chosen. These modifiers increase\decrease the CP cost of the powers. No power can be reduced to under 1 CP.

Area Effect (1 CP per 2 meter\yards): Normally, most powers can only effect one target. For every extra point, the power has an increased radius by 2 meter\yards. This modifier is well suited to large flashy energy blasts such as fireballs. Optionally, gamemaster may increase the SP cost of using the power by 1 point for every extra 2 meters\yards added. Certain powers cannot be used with this modifer. They include:

Change Shape (all)
Comet Flight
Sense Illusions
Super Fast
Super Jump
Super Strong
Super Tough

Focus required (-1): The character uses an object such as a sword, bokken, or amulet to focus their powers from. If the object is destroyed, then the character is incapable of using their powers until it can be repaired or replaced.

Killing Damage (+1): Available in low and normal animeter level games. The character's attack powers (namely energy blast) inflicts kill damage rather than stun damage.

Special requirement (-1): In order to use their powers, the character must fulfill a certain physical or mental requirement. The requirement should be something that the character would have trouble accomplishing. For instance, an alcoholic who would need to be sober or pacificist who has to become enraged.

Transformation (-1 or -2): Many anime possess characters who can tranform from their normal selves into their superhuman alter-ego: Sailor Moon & the sailor scouts, the Guyver, Gowkaizer, and so on. By taking this modifier, the character can only use their powers during their transformed state. At -1 CP, the character merely has to will the transformation to take place. At -2 CP, the character must also abide one of the below disadvantages:

  • Requires a special item (ie, sailor moon)
  • Must spend 5 EP to activate the transformation
  • Must activate a disadvantage to activate the power (ie, a frequent nosebleed victim must have a nosebleed or a letcher must get a quick feel)
  • Must experience a powerful emotion (love, hate, anger, ect) to activate the transformation.
  • Magic and Psionics

    Magic. The arcane studies. The Black Arts. There are many names for this supernatural power- almost as many as its sibling Psionics (aka Psychic powers). Magic and Psionics in FARPS act as a meta-power that allows the character to use any power he wishes. The catch is that the character must buy the magic or Esper power which costs a whopping 3 x rank. Each rank allows the character to perform a 2 CP power. So at rank 3 the character could mimic a 6 CP power (say, flight). Another catch is that the 'spell\power' only works for a limited time. All powers cost SP to use. If the power doesn't normally have an SP cost, it now costs an amount of SP to use equal to its CP cost and 1\2 that in order to keep running it. So if a magician casts a rank 2 super speed spell (rank x 2 CP), it'd cost 4 SP to activate it and 2 SP per round to keep it running. It's not much of a system, but it's better than nothing. All magicians and espers -must- have the use power skill. Each time they use a spell or power, they have to make a succeful use power roll.

    About the use of Psionics vs. Magic: Obviously some may wonder why I'm snowballing the two of these supernatural power types together. The answer is that the two are similar enough that a single mechanic can handle both of them. Magic is an art of controlling external energy (specifically Mana) while psionics is the practice of focussing internal energy (mind over matter). The main differences are in the excecution and as the GM you'll want to make that clear to your players. Magicians cast spells- they make fancy speaches in wierd languages and big effects. Psionics involves somewhat more internal practices but can be just as vocal (screaming as they hurl a wave of kinetic energy).