Anime Role Play

News: 7/17/02 6:53 p.m. - Howzer
Wholly Mackarel Bat Man! Well I'm helpin out my brother with the site and nothing has happened here in almost a year! Anyways we do have two more members. and uhhh... start joining people! Welp, that all I got to say, and now a few words our sponsors -errr I mean Kannukei.
Kannukei: Wow, almost two years... well, more members is awlays nice... too bad it took over a year to get 'em, thanks to Akaihane for putting a link up on his(or is it her? sorry, can't remember) site. Anybody else, please link to this site.
News: 10/23/00 9:57 p.m. - Kannukei
OK well the stat system was too confusing so i am gonna have to work on it... this means the RPG's gonna be down for awhile... bear with me people....

News: 9/28/00 8:54 a.m. - Kannukei
I finally finished everything so now the RPG is ready to go, I hope to get lots of players. E-Mail me to join.

News: 8/29/00 8:40 a.m. - Kannukei
Welcome to the Anime RPG. This site is just starting up, so the rpg isn't open yet. Hopefully it will be up in a few days.